Design Work

I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love to create, and it doesn’t matter if it is a new product, an art piece, a yoga class or my dinner plate. As a designer I’m an open minded thinker. A curious problem solver. My heart beats for concept creation, meaningful projects and products, as well as the beauty of simplicity. I do graphic design and illustrations for brands, companies and people.

Labeldesign etikettdesign Råsaft


Design work for Sweden’s most passionate raw juice company RÅSAFT. I work with a wide range of design and art direction projects. From graphic design of web, cars, juice bottles and printed matter to art direction of films and photo shoot campains, as well as copy and strategy for social media.

Graphic design & Art direction / 2020 – current



logo design graphic design

Logo & Brand for Maria Irene Healing Arts

Maria Irene is a psychic medium, Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. I created her new logotyp and brand expression.

Graphic design work / 2022


Lip Love label design

Lip Love

My own product that was born as I lacked a 100% natural, organic and vegan lip balm on the market! I created all branding, graphic design and art direction. Lip Love believes in nature’s power to help us heal and wants the best for your skin and the environment. Love yourself, love your body, love your lips!

Graphic design, Branding & Art direction / 2017


Tulip wallpaper-03
Tulip wallpaper-02
Tulip wallpaper-01
Tulip wallpaper-03
Tulip wallpaper-02
Tulip wallpaper-01

Art Print for Wallpaper

My aim was to create a modern take on Josef Frank’s iconic tulip pattern for Svenskt Tenn.

Graphic design work / 2023


Moon Cycle Wisdom
Moon Cycle Wisdom 2-01

Moon Cycle Wisdom

Graphic design for a woman’s magazine illustrating the four stages of the menstrual cycle / moon cycle. Every woman cycles with the moon every month. Each stage of the cycle connects with an archetype, and each archetype hold their own wisdom and essence.

Design work / 2023


Logotypes & Personal Branding

A logotype is often the first step of translating someones work, “feel” and expression into a visual that can be a carrier of that persons mission, uniqueness and beauty. I love the process of birthing new logotypes together with a client.

Design work / 2018 – 2020


Jodie Louise

Graphic design profile for photographer and transformational coach Jodie Louise. Including logotype, business cards, colour palette and graphics for website and social media platforms.

Design work / 2019


Love Your Shape Poster

Oh how we fall into the habit of comparing ourselves with others. This often leads to a sense of feeling not good enough. With this poster I wanted to illustrate the beauty of variety that nature so elegantly holds. The butterflies don’t look at each other in envy (at least I have a hard time imagining that they do:) they all shine in their own unique expression.

Art work / 2020


Vild Granola

Illustrations in aquarelle and graphic design work for start-up company VILD. VILD is the result of a life long love story between the founder Alexandra, and her grandmother’s recipes. Alexandra has taken traditional family recipes and remade into her own delicious versions with the finest berries the northern Sweden forests have to offer.

Graphic design & Illustrations / 2017


Grey to Green

Right now, the world is facing the largest wave of urban growth in history. The densification that follows, leads to the disappearance of greenery in the cities. The cities depend on nature’s ecosystem services to function properly. Grey to Green is a series of paving stones that can host vegetation. They allow flexible customisation and integration of greenery on the paved urban floor. The result: a more healthy and sustainable city environment. Grey to Green is sold by Greenworks.

Graduation project, Design School / 2012


Odger Chair

Odger Chair for Ikea is a injection moulded dining chair using 30/70 post-industrial, recycled, wood-plastic composite. A chair, made with non virgin materials and a no-screw assembly. When you open the box of the Odger chair, there are only four pieces in it; the seat of the chair, the frame and the two handles.

Design work for Form Us With Love / 2015



A shower platform for Swedish bathroom company Svedbergs. Platform included profiles, glass screens, handles and shower trays. The overview enables you to translate the vision you have for your own space, big and small. The Forsa Collection allows you to choose all the details yourself.

Design work for Form Us With Love / 2015


A Piece of Light

A project about winter depression. Four out of ten Swedes are more tired than normally during the winter. Winter depression can range from slight dullness to very severe depression. The most common treatment is light therapy.

Personal project, Design School / 2011