After working with product design for years, I felt the need to move forward, to explore what is meaningful for me and to follow my heart’s urge. In 2017 I quit my job as product designer in a big corporate company, and I started my own green beauty brand Lip Love, as well as a Yoga Teacher Training. Today I’m surfing this wave of life. Following the flow rather than swimming against the river no matter how attracting the beach on the other side is. 

I love to work consciously with design, supporting what my heart beats for. I do Illustrations & Graphic Design for brands, companies and people.

“The creative adult is the child who survived.” – Ursula Leguin

I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love to create, and it doesn’t matter if it is a new product, an art piece, a yoga class or my dinner plate. As a designer I’m an open minded thinker. A curious problem solver. My heart beats for sustainability, green products, and the beauty of simplicity. Below are some selected work.

Seeing the Good in People
Seeing the Good in People – Illustrations for an article in The Yoga Journal Magazine.

Freelance / 2018

Jodie Louise
Personal branding – logotype, graphics, business card, web etc for Jodie Louise, transformational guide and detox facilitator.
Freelance / 2019
Lip Love
Branding, graphic design and art direction for Lip Love. 100% natural, organic and vegan lip balms. All products handcrafted in Stockholm, Sweden. Lip Love believes in nature’s power to help us heal and we want the best for your skin and the environment. Love yourself, love your body, love your lips!

Own start up / 2017

Interior for H&M Divided
Interior and product design for H&M stores.

H&M / 2017

Odger Chair
Odger Chair for Ikea is a injection moulded dining chair using 30/70 post-industrial, recycled, wood-plastic composite. A chair, made with non virgin materials and a no-screw assembly. When you open the box of the Odger chair, there are only four pieces in it; the seat of the chair, the frame and the two handles.

Form Us With Love / 2015

Vild Granola
Illustrations in aquarelle and graphic design work for start-up company VILD. VILD is the result of a life long love story between the founder Alexandra, and her grandmother’s recipes. Alexandra has taken traditional family recipes and remade into her own delicious versions with the finest berries the northern Sweden forests have to offer.

Freelance / 2017

Yasuragi Kids
Illustrations and graphic design for Yasuragi Spa. Yasuragi Kids is a summer concept inviting families to share activities together.

Freelance / 2018

Temperature Collection
Temperature Collection, wallpapers for Mr Perswall

Form Us with Love / 2015

A shower platform for Swedish bathroom company Svedbergs. Platform included profiles, glass screens, handles and shower trays. The overview enables you to translate the vision you have for your own space, big and small. The Forsa Collection allows you to choose all the details yourself.

Form Us With Love / 2015

Koti Sofa
Koti sofa for HEM. Koti is the Finnish word for home. The Koti sofas are sturdy and comfortable at the same time, built on a durable powder-coated steel frame.

Form Us With Love / 2014

Grey to Green
Right now, the world is facing the largest wave of urban growth in history. The densification that follows, leads to the disappearance of greenery in the cities. The cities depend on nature’s ecosystem services to function properly. Grey to Green is a series of paving stones that can host vegetation. They allow flexible customisation and integration of greenery on the paved urban floor. The result: a more healthy and sustainable city environment. Grey to Green is sold by Greenworks.

Graduation project, Design School / 2012

A Piece of Light
A project about winter depression. Four out of ten Swedes are more tired than normally during the winter. Winter depression can range from slight dullness to very severe depression. The most common treatment is light therapy.

Personal project, Design School / 2011

Grow Pots

More and more people live in cities. This project is about making it easier to grow smaller vegetables and herbs inside an apartment where the conditions are far from your ideal summer garden. How does it work? When the sun is weak in the winter the pot is turned with the cape facing the sun. The white diffuse surface in the cape gathers the sun rays and reflects them evenly back on the plant. Like this the plant gets more light to grow. When the sun is too strong in the summer the pot is turned so that the cape protects the plant from the sun. Like this the plant is saved from burning and will need less watering.

Personal project, Design school / 2011