My Story

My name is Cinna Brahme. I started my journey in the design world, always with the vision of creating something better and on a mission to do good. To create products that would help people and the world. After working with product design for some years, I was overwhelmed by the shallowness and money driven approach in the business. I felt – hey, this is not what I signed up for! I lacked meaning and purpose. Meanwhile my yoga and meditation practice was intensifying and I had the sense of living in two different worlds. This was my first wake up call. In the end I followed my heart. I quit my job in the big corporate company with the trust that life would hold me and show me the way. And life did!

I trained to be a yoga teacher and life served me opportunities and synchronicity in the most beautiful way. I really experienced the sense of being held by the universe. At this time I was still however operating vey much in my masculine energy. As I grew up in a society where success is measured in money and achievement, and the masculine qualities of Yang – being outgoing, goal oriented, fast, driven and praising the rational thinking mind is norm. I had tried my best to fit into this way of being. But being highly sensitive (HSP), an empath and a slightly introvert being, the masculine/yang way of living really exhausted me. And worse than that, when not managing, I judged myself as being weak and not enough. What I really judged was my feminine. This was my second wake up call.

I started to see my feminine essence and I started to see and feel how beautiful and soft I am in my essence. I understood that I am not weak at all, I have a superpower which is my sensitivity. I am a sensitive, emotional, loving and highly feminine woman! That spring I feel in love with myself, it was beautiful and so empowering. I felt amazing. People told me I was glowing. The feminine is all about the flow of love in her life, being magnetic and receptive, relaxed, and leaning back. She is trusting life to guide her.

From this place I knew my yoga practice would also have to change. The masculine/yang way didn’t appeal to me anymore. I even couldn’t stand this way of practicing. I longed for the Flow of She in her soft, wild and free, allowing, intuitive and all inclusive twists and turns. When I found Yoni yoga and Shakti yoga it was like coming home. In the same way as I can loose myself in dancing, I can loose myself here, going out of the mind and into the wisdom of the body moving, letting the feminine life force energy, shakti, flow freely.

I cannot end this story without mentioning the sexual awakening that the yoni practices has brought me. This was not my intention from the start, and I had no idea what was coming. My wish was simply to fully heal and explore the feminine within and find feminine practices for myself. However I see now how this goes hand in hand. To fully start owning ones sexuality that is to fully own ones sexual essence, wether it’s feminine or masculine. It is also to start living life more fully, accessing more pleasure and becoming more empowered as a human being.

Today I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I offer yoni yoga classes and workshops to support women to reconnect with their sexuality and femininity. I also have found my way back to working with design in conscious ways.

I hope by sharing my story I touched some part in you that aslo longs to find its way back to meaningful living and your truest essence.


E  D  U  C  A  T  I  O  N  S   &

T  R  A  I  N  I  N  G  S


  • Yin Yoga TT – with Elizabeth Welsh
  • Shakti Yoga TT – with Mira Moonya
  • Unleash Your Feminine Power – with Mira Dakini
  • Yoni Yoga training – with Sofia Sundari
  • Priestess School module 1 & 2 (Tantra, Shamanism, Shadow Work, Yoni Egg Mastery, Goddess Initiation, Taoism, De-Armouring & teachings of the Sacred Feminine) – with Sofia Sundari
  • Access Bars facilitator training – with Ines Howe
  • The Body’s wisdom with Gunn Boll
  • How to teach Embodied Flow – with Satu Tuomela
  • 390h RYS Yoga TT – with Elizabeth Welsh & Sofia Elmström, Atmajyoti Yoga
  • Industrial Design M.A. School of Industrial Design, Lund University
  • Architecture 1 year, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm