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My name is Cinna. I’m a yoga teacher, designer, artist and lover of life.

In the wold we live in today there is a big inbalance between feminine and masculine energies. This affects us all. It is my wish to raise and heal the feminine in us all. We need this, and so does world.

Flow of She is my way of living. For many years I was living a life very disconnected to my own flow and feminine ways. I looked down at my softness and sensitivity as weakness and tried to keep up with the way of living promoted by society as a structured, hard working and goal oriented being. This way of living really left me feeling drained of energy and frustrated. I came to the turning point in 2017 when I quit my corporate job and I slowly began my feminine healing journey, my journey back to me.

It is my wish for you to find and embody your true essence. Your full potential as a woman, empowered sexual being and as the shining soul you are.

With love,

Join me on a Journey into Feminine Sensual Empowerment


5 Mondays 19.00 – 20.30 . Start 29 aug 2022

@Atmajyoti Yoga Studio



Yoni Yoga & Yoni Egg classes



Feminine Flow . Sundays 16.00

Yin Yoga . Sundays 17.45

@Atmajyoti Yoga Studio


Feminine Yoga

Yoga for me is the practice of arriving home in body, mind and spirit. Connecting with what is true and alive in each moment. After many years of practicing yoga in a very yang (masculine) way, I have come home to a more feminine yoga practice. Today teach feminine flow, yin yoga, yoni yoga & yoni egg practice.

Yoni Yoga &

Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “Sacred space”. In the yoni yoga practice we work with releasing tension, cultivating our sexual energy and sensuality. This is a beautiful and soft, but jet powerful practice to expand your pleasure potential, aliveness, inner strength and femininity.

Design & Art

I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love working consciously with design, creating beauty and meaning though colour, shape and form. With my background in product design, today I work mostly with graphic design & illustrations. I also make abstract art. My paintings are my way of meditation and the joy of unconditional expression.

“The Flow of She is delicious. It is soft, wild and free. A loving, allowing, unpredictable, intuitive, and all inclusive space. This is my practice and what I love teaching. Breathing, sounding, moving and being moved. Flowing from within. Allowing myself to be soft, wild and free. This is coming home for me.”

– Cinna

Instagram post 17894957765654797 Hoppas ni har det fint i sommaren 💛🌿🌸 för den som kanske redan skänker hösten en tanke så kan jag berätta att jag kommer hålla dessa klasser/kurser ☺️  Feminine Flow & Yin varje söndag som vanligt (bara att droppa in!) och så börjar jag en ny kurs i Yoniäggpraktik på 5 tillfällen. Den går att boka redan nu på @atmajyotiyoga hemsida.  Soliga kramar 💛 / Cinna  #femininehealth #feminineflow #yonieggs #yonihealth #yoniäggsyoga #womb #yinyoga #feminineyoga #free #flow
Instagram post 17859977249722968 Något nytt tar form.. Något som känns som mjuka strömmar av rosa rosor, guld och mod ✨  Glad fullmåne i skytten idag fina ni! 🪐🤍  #artwork #rosegold #abstractart #abstract #acrylicpainting #divinefeminine #femininerising
Instagram post 17912069225453993 How emotionally safe are you within yourself? 🤍  ~ Are your allowing yourself to feel everything you feel? Are you accepting all of the feelings, needs and wants that rises in you?  In other words ~  how honest are you with yourself? 🤍  #emotionallysafe #emotions #truth #honesty #honestwithmyself #feelingallthefeels

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