Hello Beautiful,

Im happy you are here. My name is Cinna, I’m a yoga teacher, designer, creatrix and yoni egg practice facilitator.

I am also the Flow of She. For many years I was living a life very disconnected to my own flow and feminine ways. I looked down at my softness and sensitivity as weakness and tried to keep up with the way of living promoted by society as a structured, hard striving and goal oriented being. This way of living really left me feeling drained of energy and frustrated. I came to the turning point in 2017 when I quit my corporate job and I slowly began my feminine healing journey, my journey back to me.

It is my for you to find and embody your true essence. Your full potential as a woman, an empowered sexual being and as the shining godess you are.

With love,

Join me on the Journey into Feminine Sensual Empowerment

Feminine Yoga

Yoga for me is the practice of arriving home in body, mind and spirit. Connecting with what is true and alive in each moment. After many years of practicing yoga in a very yang (masculine) way, I have come home to a more feminine yoga practice. Today teach Feminine Flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Yoni yoga.

Yoni Yoga &

Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “Sacred space”. In the yoni yoga practice we work with releasing tension, cultivating our sexual energy and sensuality. This is a beautiful and soft, but jet powerful practice to expand your pleasure potential, aliveness, inner strength and femininity.

Design Work

I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love working consciously with design to create beauty and meaning though design for a better world. With my background in product design, today I do graphic design & illustrations for brands, companies and people. I am also creator of my own brand Lip Love.

“The Flow of She is delicious. It is soft, wild and free. A loving, allowing, unpredictable, intuitive, and all inclusive space. This is my practice and what I love to teaching. Breathing, sounding, moving and being moved. Flowing from within. Allowing myself to be soft and wild and free. This is coming home.”

– Cinna

Instagram post 17965158400476344 ”UNFOLDING” 50x50 akryl på duk.  #abstractart #abstractpainting #unfolding #journey #painting
Instagram post 17922177793925286 Något som håller på att ta form.. 🤍🎨✨ att måla med guldfärg alltså, så härligt. Hoppas ni har en vacker söndag, shine bright! ✨  #abstractart #painting #colourinspiration #golden
Instagram post 18107171683252171 Dear one, Remember what you love. Think and speak of this/them/that much and often! 🤍 The place where we put our attention is the place in you that will grow. Make those inner thought pathways to your most walked and familiar ones until they are impossible not to walk 🤍  Now, close your eyes for a breath our two and feel the love in your heart, glowing like a warm gentle sun. Radiating in all directions. Spreading love through your body and out into the world. Breath. Recieve. 🤍  #love #powerofthought
Instagram post 17882837414400883 Just lying here balancing myself between the Earth and the Sky. The Feminine and the Masculine. Yin and Yang. Dark and light. Being and Doing. Body and Spirit. Feeling and Thinking. The Moon and the Sun. Oh how we need them all 🤍  Sending so much love to you this beautiful wednesday 🤍🤲🏻  #balance #yinandyang #feminine #masculine #earth #sky #flow #flowofshe
Instagram post 17909036516040852 YONI YOGA:
▽ Stärker din inre kraft.
▽ Ökar din lust, både sexuella lust och livslust.
▽ Balanserar dina  hormoner och menscykel. ▽ Ökar din sensitivitet och förmåga att njuta. ▽ Stärker din naturliga feminina essens. ▽ Skapar en mer kärleksfull och kraftfull relation med din yoni.  🤍🌸🌺🐚  Det är dags nu!  #yoni #yoniyoga #yonieggs #woman #she #womancircle #feminineenergy #femininehealing #feminineempowerment #beauty #love #wombhealing #sacred #flowofshe
Instagram post 17908657585970929 Yoni Yoga Nybörjarkurs med mig på @atmajyotiyoga 🤍 10 måndagar möts vi och reser djup in i vårt allra heligaste feminina space.🤍💥  Vi kommer var en liten intim grupp och det finns några platser kvar. Så känner du dig kallad, boka din plats nu. 🤍  YONI betyder Sacred Portal och är ett ord på sanskrit för snippa/vagina/fitta/vulva. 🤍🌸🌺🐚  Det är dags nu!  #yoni #yoniyoga #yonieggs #woman #she #womancircle #feminineenergy #femininehealing #feminineempowerment #beauty #love #wombhealing #sacred #flowofshe