Hello Beautiful,

Im happy you are here. My name is Cinna, I’m a yoga teacher, designer, green beauty creatrix and yoni egg practice facilitator.

I am also the Flow of She. For many years I was living a life very disconnected to my own flow and feminine ways. I looked down at my softness and sensitivity as weakness and tried to keep up with the way of living promoted by society as a structured, hard striving and goal oriented being. This way of living really left me feeling drained of energy and frustrated. I came to the turning point in 2017 when I quit my corporate job and I slowly began my feminine healing journey, my journey back to me.

It is my wish to guide you back to the essence of you. To help you embody your full potential as a woman, as an empowered  sexual being and as the shining godess you are.

With love,

Classes & Workshops


Yoga for me is the practice of arriving home in body, mind and spirit. Connecting with what is true and alive in each moment. After many years of practicing yoga in a very yang (masculine) way, I have come home to a more feminine yoga practice. Today teach Feminine Flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and Yoni yoga.


Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “Sacred space”. In the yoni yoga practice we work with releasing tension, cultivating our sexual energy and sensuality. This is a beautiful and soft, but jet powerful practice to expand your pleasure potential, aliveness, inner strength and femininity.


I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love working consciously with design to create beauty and meaning though design for a better world. With my background in product design, today I do graphic design & illustrations for brands, companies and people. I am also creator of my own brand Lip Love.


Access Bars is an energy healing technique where the facilitator lightly touches each point (bar) on the head to release energy and limiting thought patterns. Receiving Access Bars healing usually leaves one with a sense of peace space and openness.

“The Flow of She is delicious. It is soft, wild and free. A loving, allowing, unpredictable, intuitive, and all inclusive space. This is my practice and what I love to teaching. Breathing, sounding, moving and being moved. Flowing from within. Allowing myself to be soft and wild and free. This is coming home.”

– Cinna


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Gott nytt år kära ni!!! ✨💫⭐️
Må alla våra drömmar som magneter flöda in i våra liv o må vi lysa som stjärnor och leva i glädje o kärlek! Välkommen 2021!! ⭐️✨💫
Instagram post 17915032144530932 ”And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anaïs Nin  #blossom
Instagram post 17852508383473845 VILA & REFLEKTION. Oj vad denna hösten har varit full on! Känner du samma? Jag är SÅ redo för down time, vila, bara vara. Stänga av och koppla bort telefon, dator och görande. 🤍  Hur du än ska fira jul och nyår (kanske och troligen är det lite annorlunda i år) så önskar jag dig massor av tid för DIG. Tid att känna din kropp, andas mjuka djupa andetag, utrymme att låta din feminina intuitiva lust guida dig i vad du behöver och längtar efter i stunden. 🤍  Kanske även ta lite tid att reflektera över året som gått. Vad har 2020 givit dig? På vilka sätt är du annorlunda idag än den 1 januari 2020? 🤍  Jag kommer fortsätta ha mina Feminine Flow klasser och Yin på söndagarna under jul och nyår på @atmajyotiyoga - varmt välkommen när du kanske behöver en paus från julmat och släkt 😉 🤍  Skickar Ljus & Kärlek 🤍✨🤍  #vila #reflektion #rest #endoftheyear #feminine #feminineflow #yoga #yoniyoga #selfcare #femininerising #sacredfeminine