Cinna Brahme flowofshe feminine embodiement
Cinna Brahme flowofshe feminine embodiement
Cinna Brahme flowofshe feminine embodiment

Hello, I’m Cinna ~ Feminine embodiment teacher, beauty creatrix & lover of life.

As I we flow though life in all its colours we constantly evolve, shift, unpeel layers and add new ones. Flow of She is my way of living. For many years I was living a life very disconnected to my own essence . I was looking down at the feminine essence in me, I saw my softness, sensitivity and sometimes wild mess as weakness. I tried to keep up with the way of living promoted by society as a well structured, hard working and goal oriented being. But this way of living really left me feeling drained of energy and frustrated. I came to the turning point in 2017 when I quit my corporate job and slowly began my healing journey back to my feminine nature. The journey back home to me.

In our western wold there is a big imbalance between feminine and masculine energies. This affects us all. Woman and man. The feminine lives in us all and has been suppressed for so long. It is my wish to lift, re-cherish and heal the feminine in us all. We need this, and so does our greatest feminine force Mother Earth.

I’m happy you are here. I hope my work will help you in some way to unpeeled the false layers and find your way back home to your own truest essence. Welcome to join me on this journey into re-harmonisation and true being.

When we connect with our true essence of sensuality we awaken a limitless source of aliveness, creativity & power. This is home.







Yoni Yoga & Yoni Egg classes


Feminine Yoga

Yoga for me is the practice of arriving home in body, mind and spirit. Connecting with what is true and alive in each moment. After many years of practicing yoga in a very yang (masculine) way, I have come home to a more feminine yoga practice. Today teach feminine flow, yin yoga, yoni yoga & yoni egg practice.

Yoni Yoga &

Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, meaning “Sacred space”. In the yoni yoga practice we work with releasing tension, cultivating our sexual energy and sensuality. This is a beautiful and soft, but jet powerful practice to expand your pleasure potential, aliveness, inner strength and femininity.

Design & Art

I’m a creatrix in my heart and bones. I love working consciously with design, creating beauty and meaning though colour, shape and form. With my background in product design, today I work mostly with graphic design & illustrations. I also make abstract art. My paintings are my way of meditation and the joy of unconditional expression.

“The Flow of She is delicious. It is soft, wild and free. A loving, allowing, unpredictable, intuitive, and all inclusive space. This is my practice and what I love teaching. Breathing, sounding, moving and being moved. Flowing from within. Allowing myself to be soft, wild and free. This is coming home for me.”

Instagram post 17903757350813978 Yoni Egg ~ season sale. 30% on all eggs. These eggs longs for new loving owners 🤍  Dm to order.  📷 @beatrice.graalheim  #yoniegg #yonieggs #feminine #yoniyoga #yonihealth #yonihealing #yonilove #pleasurepractice #jadeegg #rosequartz #clearquartz #obsidian #moonquartz
Instagram post 18017530792785801 Oh how my soul longs for this.. for the stopping of force. As I read this text today I started crying (and I’m in my ovulation phase so this is rare), THAT is how my soul and heart feels about it. So often I have felt and still feel that I’m just too soft for this world.  “I want to say a graceful and firm ‘No thank you’ the normalisation of force that the world tries to imprint on our beings. It is so deeply-rooted in our culture, that it creeps in everywhere.  This constant and exhausting undercurrent of needing to force ourselves into becoming.  To force our businesses, our creativity, our relationships, our healing, our spirituality.  To fix and solve and push and overcome.  To place agenda and outcome at the centre of everything we do.  To contort ourselves and our organic pace and unfolding into something that is synthetic and rushed, rather than grounded in naturalness and spiritual heart.  To think that if things do not unfold in the way and at the pace that we have been subtly enculturated into thinking they should, that there is something inherently wrong with us.”  Thank you Belinda for writing this. (This amazing woman doesn’t even have instagram it seems, which feels so on theme..) But you can visit her site and read her texts on  Sending soft love to your weekend 🤍  📷 @beatrice.graalheim  #stoppingforce #soft #soulandself
Instagram post 18026212942801254 ~ soften, feel, be, receive. How do you fuel your feminine essence heart? I nurture mine the best with softness, faith, love and beauty 🤍  Photo by @beatrice.graalheim  #feminineessence #nurtureyourself #softheart #beauty #love #soften #feel #be #recieve
Instagram post 18279999871199546 Co-creating with @pulseofgaia next wednesday 1/11. — Join us for collaborative Energy Work for the Flowing Waters and the Feminine Essence 💦🩵💧🌍🐬🌹 With all chaos in the world today this feel so extra needed 🤍🙏🏻  ~~~  For the flowing waters, the lands and all living beings, wednesday 1/11 18 CET. The overarching theme is feminine essence.  The waters; life giving, life taking, balancing, harmonizing and merging all as one. Trickling, pouring, swirling, gushing and cycling in perpetual motion. Reaching places and layers on our beautiful planet near and far, infusing with the various vibration it carries.   We have now opened the invitation for the energy work and welcome you who feel in your heart that you are here to be part of the gathering for the flowing waters. Please forward the invitation to the ones in your circle who might resonate with this work and wish to join. Sign up at  We enter the gathering with softness, restfulness and ease with an open curious mind and heart full of love. As the co-created energy work is done on many different levels simultaneously all skills and gifts are valued. You will be guided, there are no expectations or pressure for any certain kind of performance and the space is safely held.   Holding of frequency, baring witness, meditation, singing, drumming, toning, light language, visualization, holding of intention, healing, energy work, shamanic work are a few examples of how you might feel inclined to contribute.  Assistance is presenting it self from feminine light beings, wisdom keepers and earth guardians. Some from other dimensions and other galactic origin, some who have walked the earth and some who have not. Masculine support and protection is also very present.   Kindly CONFIRM if you will be joining us at the latest 1 hr before the gathering and you will receive the zoom link. Often your participation starts on subtle levels the moment you decide to join and if you receive information or guidance prior to our online meeting feel fully free to share. It can be important in the weavings of our collaboration.  #sacredwaters #water #healingthewater #feminine #feminineessence
Instagram post 17980649696598267 Autumn & Surrender. I Finally find myself since a few days back arriving on the other side of a long period of struggle. Again and again I have been coming back to surrender. Laying down my resistance. Letting go of trying to numb the uncomfortable. Yes, life in all colours is this too. And Yes, there is beauty in the release and death too. We just aren’t very used to seeing it and think of death in that way. I know I’m not. Can I embrace and maybe even appreciate the process of decay and death? 🖤 The endings that give space for something new. The death that is so intimately connected with birth. This is the feminine wisdom of the cyclic nature.  A flower cannot bloom all year around. That would not be healthy or natural. We know that. But somehow we as humans think we shall be able to bloom all the time. In constant high and spring 🌱 mode (yes I admit I would love that..) But is that healthy or natural? I think not. Cause we are cyclical beings too, just as the flowers.  Photo art by talented @beatrice.graalheim of me in the autumn waters of Kvarnsjön.  #autumn #surrender #beautyofdecay

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