Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina. It translates as “sacred space”. I like to use the word Yoni to bring appreciation and acknowledgement to this magical part of the feminine body.

Cultivating the sexual energy through yoni yoga and egg practices is cultivating the sense of feeling alive and radiant. As children we are all so radiant and full of aliveness. As we grow up we slowly get more or less stripped of this natural vibrant life force energy. The yoni practices are cultivating that radiance in us to shine bright once again. Smiling for no reason other than being, singing, dancing, playing. And the joy of just feeling vibrantly alive, seriously it’s can be better than sexual turn on. It is feeling life itself!


The Yoni Crystal Egg is worn in the vagina to enhance awareness of physical sensation and assist in the alignment of mind, body and spirit during meditation. The yoni egg practice is based on an ancient Taoist tradition that is over 1000 years old, and was developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor. The Chinese royal dynasty used this modality to cultivate sexual energy, improve longevity and reproductive health.


• Increases libido and awakens our sexual energy.
• the internal massage restores & increases sensitivity in the vaginal canal.
• enhancing your shakti/chi/prana or (life force energy!).
• increasing your ability to access more orgasmic pleasure.
• healing stored unprocessed pain & trauma in this area of our bodies.
• develops and intimate and loving relationship with your yoni and from this a sense of increased self love.
• stimulating reflexology points within the vagina benefiting organs throughout the body and releasing trauma and tension.
• helping you to recover more quickly from childbirth.
• improved bladder control to prevent incontinence.
• shorter and less painful periods.
• regulating hormones in the body.
• toned vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles.
• the vibration of the crystal stones gives a healing from the inside.
• increases natural lubrication, even after menopause.

” I don’t know where to begin. The yoni yoga course has opened me to connect with myself and my yoni as divine. I feel a big healing is happening in me and I will have these tools with me always. Thank you, thank you, thank you! “

– Sara

“The practice has awoken my contact with my yoni in a way I didn’t think was possible. A way of sensing deeper into my self that has given me a deeper contact with myself. There is so much power located in this part of our bodies and to be able to access it is a great asset and strength in life! I take with me a new daily habit of feeling into myself and the new beautiful relationship with my Yoni.”


“The yoni yoga course has given me greater self love, self esteem, sisterhood and love! Cinna is soulful, encouraging, joyful and empowered.”

– Lotta

“Yoni yoga has given me so much. I have opened my senses to pleasure and the feeling that only being with myself is enough`. Cinna is so soft, safe, positive and inviting. She shines like a sun”


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“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing, she goes where she will without pretense, and arrives to her destination, prepared to be herself and only herself.” – Maya Angelou