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Yoni egg, Jade egg or Love egg are all names for a beautiful healing semi precious stone carved into an egg shape. Yoni Eggs are used the to heal and massage the yoni from the inside as you practice yoni yoga, as well as amplifying the healing with the uniques frequency of the crystal.

The Yoni Wand is an amazing tool for deep yoni tissue massage and/or self pleasure practice. It is made out of glass and is beautifully curved for easy reach and access to all parts of your flower.

The yoni egg practice is an ancient Taoist practice for awakeing and increasing one’s life force energy, orgasmic nature and fertility. This practice is Sacred. This practice is cermony. A space to go as deep as you let yourself go. A space to release, nurture and/or activate ~ your body will know the way and guide you where you need to go. 

Yoni eggs have been used for 5000 years. In the royal palace in China these eggs were used by the empresses and concubines to access sexual power and to maintain amazing health and vitality into old age.

Köp yonimassagestav yonimassage

The Ultimate Yoni Massage Wand

Some call this the cervix wand as it has the length to easily reach the deepest parts of your yoni. It is made from clear glass. The shape and length of it makes it easy to reach and efficiently explore all parts in your yoni that might hold tension.

How to use it? Think like a regular massage, but in your Yoni. So when finding a tender spot, stay there and gently massage it, breath with it. 

  • Transforming tension into pleasure
  • Increasing yoni sensibility
  • Tension & trauma release

750 SEK

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

Unconditional love, self-trust, compassion, nurturing, peace and feminine energy. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Calming and reassuring, it helps and comforts in times of grief. From Madagascar.

This mineral can help you:

  • Access a state of unconditional love.
  • Release anger, resentment, jealousy, heartbreak.
  • Find forgiveness.
  • Connect with a stronger sense of self-love, self-worth and self-trust.

650 SEK

Moonstone Quartz Yoni Egg

An ancient stone that is gentle, ethereal, and lunar in nature. Revealing of one’s subconscious and unconscious truths in a soft yet powerful way. This gives a sense of balance to emotions and brings clarity. It allows one to look deep within oneself for true feelings, especially when linked to love and passion. From Madagascar.

This mineral can help you:

  • Enhance and mirror unconscious and subconscious feelings.
  • Amplifies creativity and focus.
  • Accelerates healing on all levels.

800 SEK