Feminine Flow 
16.00 -17.15

Yin Yoga 
17.45 -19.15

Atmajyoti Yoga Studio
Sigtunagatan 8, Stockholm

“ I am rooted but I flow.”

I love connecting with the innate wisdom of our body moving – that body intelligence that comes through as we let the movements emerge from within. Our body holds so much wisdom and it often knows what it needs when we only learn to be attentive enough to listen to it.

Yoga means union. The word Hatha means the union of the sun and the moon. Which can also be seen as the feminine and the masculine that lives with in each and every one of us. After many years of practicing yoga in a very yang (masculine/sun) way, I have come home to a more feminine yoga practice. I now teach Feminine Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoni Yoga and Yoni Egg Practice.